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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post. Here, you will be able to keep track of things I’m working on, be the first to hear about new shows, and other cool things that I think you guys might find interesting!

I spent the majority of last week getting my Headrush looper board and Mastermind GT Midi able to talk to each other in preparation for practicing for a new live show. I’ve also been working on creating scenes and chases for my light show. Ultimately, I am working towards being able to loop a couple instruments while on stage to create a more engaging stage performance. We’re still a little ways away from this actually being ready to hit the stage with, but you can definitely expect this from me in the future!

This past week I played at Main Street Pizza in Sparta, NC. I always have a great time here and I was able to try out some of my new lights! I was supposed to play in Rock Hill, SC on Saturday, but unfortunately Rock Hill had a bad storm come through right when we were setting up and caused a lot of damage around the city. We watched golf ball size hail come down and there might have been a tornado in town too. We ended up calling it an early night due to the damage around town, and to the touring vehicle.

Speaking of my new single, did you get a chance to check out the podcast that I did with The Gracious Two? I finally let everyone know that I have a new song and music video that I will be releasing on May 25. The new single is titled, Evergreen. Then I will be touring over the summer in support of this single. On the fall stretch of my tour I will be joined by Gareth James, an award winning musician from South Africa, as we embark on the west and midwestern US.

This Saturday, 4/27/24, I’ll be playing at Paddled South Brewing Company in High Point, SC. I especially like this venue because of the intimate, almost listening room, vibes that it has. If you haven’t been there before I highly suggest checking it out!

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