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A Philly based clothing company used Creatio as their first featured artist... "Listening to this single will make fans of
raw, guitar-based music, instantly make comparisons to Mount Eerie, Bon Iver, and Neutral Milk Hotel."

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Triad Native Musician and 2019 Carolina Music Award Nominee, Announces Upcoming Shows​​

Creatio (kree-ay-she-oh) is an independent touring and recording artist, and 2019 Carolina Music Award Nominee. His songs have a bluesy vibe, blended with americana and alternative, with hints of country and storytelling through song.

As a singer/songwriter originally from Winston-Salem, NC, Creatio began playing out in 2017.

In that time, Creatio has  experienced all the highs and lows the road has to offer, from car wrecks and breakdowns to sold out events. He has traveled and toured extensively around the United States while playing music and entertaining folks across the country.

He has already released one studio album, and is set to return to Red Line Sound Studios in Sarasota, FL to begin recording several singles that will be released in the coming months of 2021 into 2022.

Creatio's songs can be found on all major streaming platforms, and at With over 100 songs in his repertoire, his cover songs are as versatile as his style; Creatio truly has a song for everyone and is not afraid to cross genre boxes.

Recently, due to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, Creatio has been filling up his calendar with dates with shows in the midwest to southeast region of the US. There are a few Triad local shows coming up which include:


6/13 at Golden Road Vineyards in Dobson 

7/3 at Old Nick's Pub in Lewisville

9/11 at the Artivity on the Green Festival in Downtown Winston-Salem

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